Prepare for Results

Coach Kyle Beaulieu-Jones :
Phone: 860-798-5559
Coach Roy Dow:
Phone : 617-417-1498



At Prep Soccer Academy, Monday & Wednesday sessions will consist of three phases: warm up, game-related technical training and fitness/injury prevention. Our program is designed to provide steady technical skill development and gradually improve the fitness level of each player over the course of six weeks. By training in a game-related environment, players will enjoy themselves, understand where skills apply on the field, and see their performance improve. Friday Showdowns are the highlight of each week. They consist of 3 v 3 / 4 v 4 / 6 v 6 tournaments, complete with prizes for the top teams!

Warm Up Phase: 30 minutes

  • dynamic warm-up
  • incorporates many touches on the ball
  • mentally challenges players

Game-Related Phase: 60 minutes

  • technical development in match-related environment
  • six themes repeated over the course of the summer
    • individual/group defending
    • 1 v 1 attacking (facing goal and with back to goal)
    • shooting for power & precision
    • passing over distance
    • possession/speed of play
    • crossing and finishing
  • match play with emphasis on daily theme

Soccer Specific Fitness/Injury Prevention: 30 minutes

  • progressive fitness program over six weeks
  • 3X each week to build solid foundation
  • aerobic capacity
  • muscular strength & endurance
  • flexibility