Prepare for Results

Coach Kyle Beaulieu-Jones :
Phone: 860-798-5559
Coach Roy Dow:
Phone : 617-417-1498



PREP Soccer Academy is a great way to get ready for preseason and improve your skills. The sessions covered all of the essential soccer skills, such as 1v1, crossing, and defensive shape. I had a great time working with the coaches and other players. By the time tryouts came along, I felt prepared and confident after training with PREP over the summer.

Vanessa Chin,

I found that working with the goalie coach and other keepers helped develop my skills and decision making which improved my confidence in the net.

Jacob Harris,

I think it really helped to be playing consistently every week, especially with other players my age and skill level…I would recommend this to any younger players if they want to improve before the season starts

Sean McIntyre,